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TOPICS: Metaphysics, Spiritual, Evolution, Ascension, The Unconscious, Dreams, Astral Travel, Out of Body Experiences, 

Buddhism, Yoga, Meditation, Religions, the Energetic Body, Chakra system, Psychic abilities, Shamanism, Entheogens, Multidimensionality, Channeled Material, Philosophy, Alternative Physics, Novelty Theory, 2012, Astrology, Health, Vegetarian Food, Emotions, Depression and Others...

And also: Communities, small communities, Anarquism, Utopic society...


A: Approaching Metaphysics 


"Conversations with God" e-books 

http://uni.galactic2.net/download3_e.htm (recommended)

Simple approaches to life meaning, spiritual concepts.  Personal/ soul issues, social issues, universal issues.. 


Experience Festival

http://www.experiencefestival.com (recommended)

An extensive database on spiritual, metaphysical issues (towards global ascension) 

Topics: Ascension, Database of Communities, Consciousness, Dreams, Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, 2012, Channeling, Earth Changes, Mayan Calendar, Sacred Geometry,  Medical Astrology, Essential Oils... 


Astral Voyage


Introductory spirituality section. Astral projection and remote viewing




A brief discussion about dimensions of consciousness (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D).


More links regarding introduction to metaphysics, spirituality, soul and evolution will be added soon.

Fell free to initiate discussions or asking advise/help about spiritual issues and spiritual evolution issues. You may mail me or add your ideas in the guestbook (Click here)




B: The Unconscious  

Dreams and astral travel


Dream Moods

www.dreammoods.com  (recommended) 

Dream's interpretation. Also with a very complete discussion forum!

(more dreams message boards to be added soon)


Wisdom Door

http://www.wisdomsdoor.com  (recommended) 

Complete library about dreams, types of dreams, space and time behavior in dreams, structure of dimensions/ planes (physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual) and also thought manifestation.


Astral Travel/ OOBE By Donald J. DeGracia (recommended) 

Search " CompuServe Astral Projection Class" by Don DeGracia, OOBE class (conducted on the CompuServe new age forum)
Complete guide to learn and practice Astral Travel/ Out of Body Experiences.

Includes several different methods, advices, reports of experiences (really worth reading!)


Lucid dreaming, etc

http://www.dreaminglucid.com/index.html  (recommended) 



Seven gates of dreaming (shamanic concept)= seven chakras of dreaming!

http://p214.ezboard.com/fdreaminguniversefrm59.showMessage?topicID=1.topic  (recommended) 


More on lucid dreaming and dreams mailing lists will be added soon

If you are interested, I can share with you experiences with lucid dreams, meanings of dreams and reports of dreams (I have thousands)

I can also share with you reports and experiences of astral traveling.




C: Buddhism  

Yoga. Meditation. Philosophy



http://unstress4less.org/default.htm Transcendental meditation

http://www.innerfrontier.org/Practices/BalanceDepthTOC.htm Meditation course online


Links regarding more on Buddhism, Dalai Lama; Yoga, Kundalini and Meditation will be added soon.

Do you practice Buddhism? Do you practice transcendental meditation, common meditation, Yoga or Kundalini Yoga? Fell free to share your experiences with me!




Eight types of Yoga, in detail


Non revealed gospels of Jesus Christ 


Words by Jesus Christ (gospels which were not included in the Bible)

We point that the Bible is a human-created book, rather distorted. Be critical.




D: Your energetic body  

Chakras and psychic ability



Chakras are important points of convergent energy. The main seven chakras relate to biological glands and are associated to several of the functions of a human being. I might remember that our body has a invisible aspect yet invisible to science, only percept by altered (elevated) awareness, yoga exercises or by simple putting enough focus on them.


http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/introduction.php General description

http://healing.about.com/cs/chakras/a/chakra1.htm Each chakra in detail

http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php Test your chakras  (recommended) 

http://www.kheper.net/topics/chakras/chakra_balancing.html Opening/ balancing your chakras

http://www.kheper.net/topics/chakras/balancing.html Chakras balance and energetics


Wisdom Door

http://www.wisdomsdoor.com  (recommended) 

Includes information about the seven traditional system of chakras, plus zero chakra (grounding chakra) and five additional non-physical chakras (8 to 12). These are related to the process of spiritual ascension (karma cleansing, development of psychic ability, etc) . 


Balancing/ opening chakras:





Links regarding telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and prophetic dreaming will be added soon.

Links regarding energetics, the energetic body and psychic protection will  be added soon.


If you are interested, I can share with you some minor experiences I had had with chakras exploration and balancing and aura protecting and psychic ability (I can share with you too a few cases I had of small psychic ability)




E: Shamanism and Entheogens:


Shaman's Cave 

http://www.shamanscave.com/ (recommended)

Excellent and extensive site on shamanism: intent, stalking, dreaming, awareness and death. 

Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality, wherein some people access the unconscious world to seek solutions and cure for emotional, medical and social problems, and also as a means of contacting the world of gods and of the deceased. People access this world, by changing its state of awareness, which maybe performed by simple will, spontaneous (during mystical experiences, starving and disease) and induced by hypnotic methods such as dances, drumming or the ingestion of some psychedelic plants.



http://www.erowid.org (recommended)

All about entheogens (plants which when consumed cause intense mystical and psychedelic experiences). Very accurate, highly objective, with lots of information, and including  lots of reports of experiences. Spiritual based philosophy of mind expansion.

Includes too information on every other common drugs, mind altering substances and trance inducing methods 


The Tibetan Book of Dead


How happens the process of death? In a similar fashion to what occurs during mystical experiences and the ego death during entheogens experiences, the book describes the several steps, dangers and advices. Has a Tibetan origin.


Alien dreamtime by Terence McKenna


Inspired on the author experiences with DMT and psilocybin mushrooms, this small book described the realm of alien intelligence and spiritual concepts found on those trip experiences. These may be a door into higher dimensional intelligence, the unconscious and as means of seeing the future. DMT is a natural occurring brain neurotransmissor, responsible for mystical experiences and our daily dreams and which may be found in certain plants and then consumed.


My experiences with entheogens


You may check my experiences with entheogens. I had some with psylocybe mushrooms and salvia divinorium. If you need to, I can share with you some basic advices.

Note: Approach entheogens with respect and care. Do not rely on them for pushing your spiritual evolution. Entheogens are only an aid if one is ready.


Carlos Castaneda, Aldous Huxley and Terence McKenna (Entire and free e-books) http://www.voidspace.org.uk/psychology/download.shtml (recommended)

Carlos Castaneda describes in detail the practices of Shamanism.

Aldous Huxley describes, in one book, his experience with the sacred cacti peyote and its mystical effects

Terence McKenna speaks, on several interviews, his experiences with entheogens, the state of control of our society and the novelty theory, progressing towards 2012.


Other links 

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Entheogens/ Yahoo mailing list on Entheogens

http://www.egodeath.com Ego Death and the use of entheogens (rather narrow perspective)

http://www.bluehoney.org/ Entheogens, Spirituality, Philosophy, Novelty theory

http://www.prismagems.com/castaneda/djintro.html Summaries of each book from Carlos Castaneda (practices of Shamanism)


More on shamanism and ancient tribe practices, such as drumming and moon cult, to be added soon.

Links on Salvia divinorium and ayahuasca, to be added soon.




F: Multidimensionality:



http://www.multidimensions.com/mdc_home.html (recommended)

A brief discussion about dimensions (1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D). 

Reality is organized on several invisible layers of consciousness, from the basal (mineral), 2D (plants and animals), 3D (humans) and higher dimensional intelligence (not visible, except by accessing the unconsciousness or psychic phenomena). 5D and 6D beings are commonly known as angels and demons But this is a fairly simplistic concept. Channeled material (next topic) indicated the existence of seven or eight densities (dimensions) with octaves sub-layers within these.



http://www.montalk.net/reality/reality_order.html (recommended)

Deeper discussion into dimensions, STS/STO (service to self/ service to others).

Service to self is moved by motivation, wishful thinking and results in ultimate selfish and manipulatory models of society. STS feeds on others.

Service to others is moved by spontaneous desire to help others and associate in a free society. STO share things..

The website also includes discussion about: soul lessons, free-will law, the control system in our society (hyperdimensional nature, performed by higher dimensional STS consciousness)

Just acknowledge this and accept it as part of reality. Follow your path in peace.


Wisdom Door

http://www.wisdomsdoor.com  (recommended) 

Complete library about dreams and also the structure of the several planes (physical, etheric, astral, mental and spiritual). These may be correlated with the 1-7 dimensions. The website also points subdivisions within the several planes.




G: Channeled material:


Bringers of the Dawn  Teachings from the Pleadians

http://www.cosmic-people.com/bringers.htm (recommended)

Easy reading on soul evolution (individual and humanity). Control in society. Changes towards 2012

This is supposedly channeled material from 6D intelligence (high dimensional consciousness), service to others

People channel this form of knowledge and consciousness when in trance/ unconscious


Ra, The Law of One

http://www.llresearch.org/ or http://ascension2000.com/Ra-section2.htm (recommended)

Deep and complex  reflection into metaphysics/spiritual (almost about everything). Accurate and very extensive. Ra defines itself as 6D form of associated intelligence. This was the first wide known channeled material (on the 80s)

http://www.thespectrumnews.com/html/writings/Hatonn-RA.html Interesting article on Ra




A more personal approach (style of dialog). Focused on changes toward 2012,  STS/STO and the control system of society.


Links regarding excerpts on Seth material will be presented soon. Mail me to share opinions and discuss knowledge on either cassiopaea and seth articles...




H: Philosophy:


Awakening Earth  Exploring the Evolution of Human Culture and Consciousness (e-book)

Spiritual-sociological evolution of humanity (recommended)



Theory of Eternal Life (Gurdjeff Rodney Collin)



Gurdjeff material 

Philosophical analysis of Life, Ascension

http://www.promart.com/1stInit-G.html (Evening with Gurdjeff)


Tentium Organum (Ouspensky)

Multidimensionality, Philosophy



Sacred Texts (recommended)

Extensive database on sacred books by several tribes, cultures and religions. Books on spirituality, religion and the mystical (all free!)



Free E-books on Aristotle, Kant, Nietzsche and Bertrand Russel (entire books) (recommended)



(more links on philosophy authors will be added)

(links on the concept of memes and orgone energy to be added soon)




I: Communities/ Service to others

For a new model of a free, spontaneous and peaceful society!


The intent towards a new model of society (free, peaceful and spiritual-based) is emphasized here.


Spiritual evolution implies, at the human level, a choice for a splendid service to others social network, where freedom, love, spirituality and peace are highly valued, or a service to self manipulatory, rigid and hierarchyzed society.

Utopian anarquism and some left wing ideas have a bit of the ingredient to form a new concept of not only a spiritual evolved human individual but also a society formed only by the free gathering of humans with their needs all assured, with no need for money, work or rules or any kind of authority from another. Rules are ultimately a form of control, seizing spiritual evolution.


We encourage, from the concept of service to others, the gathering between people, free from any intention, just because it's natural. All based on the natural love form.

Feel free to encourage new ideas, suggestion for building new society, since I am also interested in the many thousands of new community-based and spiritual-based small societies now forming.

The high concept of service to others. To a beautiful and free society..






http://www.anarquismo.org (in Brazilian)

(list on further information about communities, list of communities, voluntary organizations, ONGs to be added soon/ links on anarchism, anarchism books, utopian philosophy and society books to be added soon)


Feel free to mail me with ideas about new ways of living in this society, spontaneous associations, 

communities, etc... (Add your ideas on the bottom of the page!)




J: Alternative physics:


Convergence III (www.ascension2000.com)   e-book (recommended)

Cosmic consciousness, Sacred geometry and octaves, Physics (Ra and Seth based)



Shift of Ages (www.ascension2000.com)    e-book (recommended)

Sacred geometry, Physics, Metaphysics (Ra and Seth based)



The Divine Cosmos (www.ascension2000.com)    e-book

Alternative astrophysics, Sacred geometry



Impossible Correspondence

Exquisite knowledge on some fields of sacred geometry, multidimensional physics, metaphysics




Alternative physics



www.trufax.org Interesting knowledge database

www.educate-youself.org Another interesting knowledge database

http://www.holoscience.com/ Electric universe (based on plasma model)

http://www.halexandria.org Sacred Geometry


(links regarding sacred geometry and description of Trufax and Educate Yourself will be added soon)




K: Novelty theory and 2012:


Novelty theory: A history mathematical model of evolution

A history mathematical model of evolution, designed by Terence McKenna, an archaeologist, with an algorithm based on the Chinese famous ancient book I Ching, which details all the mechanisms on the nature of time, how habit alternates with novelty in humanity breakthroughs and how this is linked with an exponential increase in novelty, ending in 21st December 2012, where time would collapse (maximum of novelty). 

The 2012 date is surprisingly concordant with the endpoint of Mayan advanced and intricate calendar. 

Terence McKenna also forecasted that 2012 would bring a quantum leap in human consciousness.


http://www.levity.com/eschaton/hyperborea.html Novelty theory ( Terence McKenna webpage)

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/timewavezero2012/  (recommended)

Mailing list about novelty theory. 

Mathematical and philosophical-oriented discussions


Some models forecast several major changes to occur towards the year 2012.

Several sources have forecast 2012 as an endpoint of something. The Mayans forecasted that in 21st December 2012 a vast time period would finished and a new era would begin. According to some people, this predictions also include a final period of major transformations, earth changes (climatic and geological) and when a shift in consciousness would arise.

Astronomically speaking, on that date, Winter solstice, sun would be aligned with the center of our galaxy, on the direction of the constellation of Sagittarius (actually this alignment has occurred already on several winter solstices surrounding 2012). Moreover, sun cycle is predicted to achieved another maximum (sun cycle is a cycle where magnetic variations on the sun field occur. at this maximum peaks, aurora borealis are frequent and even disruptions on telecommunications and magnetic field of earth could occur). Some people forecast a pole shift due to intense solar activity to occur around 2012 (actually astronomers also agree that 2012 peak will be a strong one). Or maybe to some comet passing by, an unknown solar companion or what else. Some astronomers also state that the solar system is about to enter an area of our galaxy which is energetically strong and which according to some people would trigger strong changes in all planets and affect earth and mankind. 


Several websites into 2012 event.



http://www.diagnosis2012.co.uk/   (recommended)




More links



Experience Festival

An extensive database on spiritual, metaphysical issues (towards global ascension, supposedly in 2012). (recommended)



Different timelines (from a soul, metaphysical, point of view) Quantum physics (probabilistic) approach

Well, we do our future. We create it, collectively and individuality.

http://soulresonance.8m.com/arks.html (recommended)


www.tortuga.com The new 13month based calendar (Follow it! Recommended!) (recommended)

www.sacred-texts.com/nam/maya/pvgm/ Popol Vuh (sacred book from Maya scriptures)


(links regarding relation between the bible code, other cultures prophecies and the year of 2012 will be added soon)




L: Astrology:


Read History of Astrology 

http://astrology.about.com/library/weekly/aa101599.htm (recommended)




Basic concepts

http://www.astrology-charts-books.com/zodiac-signs-planets.php  (signs, planet influences and aspects) (recommended)

http://www.astrology-charts-books.com/astrology-planetary-influences.htm (more on planetary influences, progressed moon)

Glossary of terms http://www.astrologyparlor.com/features/glossary.html


2) Meanings

Planets in each and every house (meanings) http://www.astrology-numerology.com/synastry-houses.html  (recommended)

For each house, a constellation (meanings) http://www.astrology-numerology.com/housecusp-12th.html (recommended)

Preponderance of each element (meanings) http://www.astrology-numerology.com/elements.html 

Past life reports http://www.astrologymatch.com/past-lives.htm

Past life for every ascendant sign www.circlesoflight.com/past-life/index.shtml

Ascendants and body appearances http://www.elbertwade.com/page60.html 

Relationships between every two ascendants http://www.astralarts.com/perrelguid.html


3) Medical astrology (I didn't search too deep into this field and more links yet)

http://www.astrologyparlor.com/features/intro-holistic.html introduction

http://medicinegarden.com/MedAstrology/Med-Astro-Aries.html medical view on every sign


4) Free E-books (for deep learning)

a) Rusicrucian Fellowship www.rosicrucian.com/index.htm (recommended)

- Search "Juniour Astrology Course" or "Seniour Astrology Course" by Rusicrucian Fellowship

Several lessons on meanings of signs, aspects, planets, houses, for every aspect of life (including spiritual ones)

- Search "Studies in Astrology by Elman Bacher" planetary influences and planets principles in great detail

b) DK Foundation www.dkfoundation.co.uk/articles1.htm spiritual principles, planets in houses (detailed)... (recommended)


5) Esoteric Astrology (the deep metaphysical astrology. beyond the trivial individual astrology, to a more universal field)

Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul http://beaskund.helloyou.ws/netnews/bk/index.html accurate analysis! (recommended)

www.btinternet.com/~seamaid/Esotericcontents.htm more concepts, not so accurate...

http://www.esotericpublishing.com/discipleship/being_duality.html the problem of duality in life


6) How Astrology works (remembers three concepts: hyperdimensional influence, unconscious/ archetypes, metaphysical point of view of soul)

http://www.astrologycom.com/astrol3.html simple approach...

http://cura.free.fr/decem/09slevin.html  involves history background

http://www.halexandria.org/dward329.htm involves higher geometry, the hyperdimensional (sacred geometry website)

http://astrologyguild.com/howastrologyworks-rohiniranjan.htm detailed...

See also Hyperdimensional Physics, Hyperdimensional Astrology, Esoteric Astrology


7) Software:

Soupup2: software based on a more psychological approach on astrology (recommended)

Astro123: accurate, gives natal charts, natal reports, transits and presents every concept definition (recommended)

Zet7: very accurate, gives natal charts, interpretations, nice and easy design (recommended)

Canopus: alternative approach, gives natal charts but introduce a less scientific description


Sites for download:




(more on esoteric astrology to be added soon)

(links referring to software will be posted soon)


State your opinions on each sign and planetary influences on astrology! Add your comments on the guestbook (scroll to the bottom of this page)




M: Health:


http://www.adhd-becalmd.com/science/ Serotonin and food

http://www.cchs.net/health/health-info/docs/0600/0645.asp?index=4761 Serotonin and food

http://www.13.waisays.com/ Foods, depression, sleeplessness and serotonin

http://www.curezone.com/gallstones/sugarpage.html Sugars, depression, food habits

http://pages.prodigy.net/unohu/internetaddiction.htm Brainwaves, neurotransmissors, etc

http://www.searchingforherbs.com/ herbs

http://www.hypericumbuyersclub.com/hd_index.asp How to heal depression?

http://www.geocities.com/undergsci/pyraconstruct.html How can you built a pyramid? Energy benefits from orgone energy.


Vegetarian food


(more links to be added soon)


(links on orgone energy to be added soon)




N: Not sorted:


http://www.gnosis.org/library.html Gnosis library!

http://www.new-mind.com/OBENDE/OBE%20out%20of%20body%20experiences.htm Out of body experiences

www.abovetopsecret.com Top secret discussions, talking boards

www.enterprisemission.com Theories about mars, conspiracy....

www.cropcircleconnector.com Crop circles (possibly, some might be manifestations of higher dimensional intelligence and energy)

http://www.disinfo.com/ Disinformation/ Skeptics

http://hometown.aol.com/areuseeking/index.html Article: Are you seeking the light or just dancing with the dark?

http://www.think-aboutit.com/abductions.htm Abductions (Aliens, STO/STS, multidimensionality)

(Remember negative higher dimensional beings mainly seek to serve self but they are only attracted to you only if you allow it!)


http://twm.co.nz/DNAPhantom.htm DNA Phantom effect (interesting phenomena that proves the relation between our genetic material and rather invisible energetic fields) In future, we will discuss further application of quantum physics concepts, holistic science and the principle of uncertainly.


I suggest using webstripper software to download entire websites and then offline browse them on your computer. Alternatively, you might use WinHTTrack too. (I will post the link soon!)



2) KEY CONCEPTS (to update in soon)


A word

Everyone seeks to be happy. 

Knowledge could provide a way to that so-desired happiness.

Have time for a wonderful insight in spiritual realms…

Some basic concepts:


Everything is a whole interconnected

Everything is part of an "all", whole and interconnected.

Everything connects to everything on both a visible and invisible level.

This is mainly supported by new studies of quantum physics science. It is also an important basis for spiritual values. It connects to the idea of divinity. Our origins and our means and our ends.

You will read spiritual websites. You can have a philosophic standpoint. You can have scientific perspective. By combining them you can bring light into your life. You can bring a true meaning of living.


Difficult questions arise

As said before, all is always related to everything else.

But now difficult questions arise: What is life purpose? What is consciousness? Does God exist?


Own individual quest

Life meaning is subjective - Spirituality

Humans have been trying to answer these questions for ages. Religion and philosophy have been doing it for centuries. However, last century paradigms have shifted and science mainly occupied this responsibility. However, seeking solution for a true life meaning and all these questions is also a quest of each individual. Here, spirituality appears. Things, ideas, life meaning, feelings are subjective. Science tries to be objective. A different approach is required. Each of us would have to take on each of these subjective issues and study them from their own perspective. Then, a true free, enlightened and acknowledged person would arise. Hence, spirituality. But spiritual/material is a tricky dichotomy. You will see that later. (questions will be answered on the end)


Spiritual realm/ Material realm

Reality as an illusion

So let's begin by defining two realms: material and spiritual.

Material would be of a scientific nature and easily percept and understood by people. This would include our clothes, bodies, houses and almost everything around.

Spiritual would only be partially acknowledged by human begins. It would include ideas, the hidden causes of occurrences, feelings, etc.

Spiritual would have a representative on material and material a concept on the spiritual.

Now which realm originates which?

One can say our material brain creates ideas. Truth. But can ideas create our material world? Also truth. Indeed, everything on our society would start from our own ideas. Who knows all reality would be also created by consciousness, a shared dream...

Well, there is no way of proving this!

Since spiritual and consciousness is subjective by nature, this one cannot be proved or dismissed. Only one by researching more into this issue can acknowledge this. Only one by being more aware of the overall workings of the world.

I would say yes. As reality would be an illusion created by a dream-like experience of a marvelous and collective consciousness!


Thought creates - Our limitations

Awareness is the key

On this still-hypothetical model, thought would create and everything is a though-form. Reality is an illusion. And consciousness (not only ours but all of it, unified) is the only thing that originally exists.

And what degree of consciousness would we have and what degree of change?

Well on both to a small degree.

Several awareness limitations would be implied.

One is time. One thinks, only later can create. It takes time for an idea to materialize.

So, law of cause-effect stills the same. But on this game of awareness degrees, awareness is the key.


Love/ Fear

Self to others/ Self to self

Another important dichotomy is love/ fear.

Love being expansive. Related to others. Fear being restrictive. Related to self. 

Love would be to share true knowledge, experiences. Fear as more self-oriented a distorted form of truth or lies.

Love is to accept. Fear to control.

Concluding love is self-to-others. Fear self-to-self.


Fear, self-to-self and ignorance as cause of problems

Love, self-to-others and knowledge as solution

One can choose between a self-to-self, selfish attitude or the opposite one. But everything is not eternal. We all perish. All material existence one day ceases to exist. So why so much care on the self, on the fear of loosing ourselves and our possessions? They will all be gone one day. So, love is a solution not only for problems, it is the only way one would not suffer! And it is as we seen a creative force.

Ignorance is too a source of problems. The opposite, knowledge is the solution.

One now has to accept (love) the present situation. Accept it to create solutions (not controlling it or quitting). And to be open to otherselves…

One has to turn from inward (self-to-self) to otherselves and manifest on them a love attitude. This way we will create solutions for ourselves and for the others too! By teaching them, maybe one day we will change the world.

People are spiritual being experiencing material world

Experience, learn, create (as in relationships)

Referring quickly to a life meaning, people would be spiritual (and material) beings with a material nature (their bodies) being here to experience this physicality. Love would be the requested part. (you can see that on your own quest for loving and being loved by someone or something)

Only ignorance and fear would block an harmonious and desirable way of living. It would block spiritual evolution too. Thus, we could deduce fear as one of the biggest causes to everyone problems and even to the actual world problems. Balancing physicality with spirituality would be also an important quest. Understanding not only that we are here, who we are and the creative power consciousness has, but also acknowledge that we are here for some reasons: experience (learning from life and then from it creating). Why creation would be important? Because it adds something more (as in a relationship, two persons create experiences, create feelings, love, create even life)


Novelty increases in overall universe

2012 as a hypothetical key event

There is another important distinction between material and spiritual. As science tells us, material things tend naturally for chaos (entropy or disorder always increases). However we do see stars and galaxies being formed since the ages and even evolution of life on earth from bacteria to animals and to human beings. So, how can that make sense? It turns that there is another force acting. Ideas and the essence of things could be evolving up, getting more organized as we saw on life evolution! So, spirituality organization tends to increase and materiality organization always fades away naturally. As an example we have human beings. They grow, learn and then die. So, only the essence, ideas and concepts evolve and eventually are conserved after material life (this is an old idea and only one by themselves can research on this or prove it). Let's us assume life continues. Two much people describe out of body experiences (while physically dead for some minutes), while describing other realms of existence. 

Remember that science has rarely studies this. 

Some people have actually study the evolution of novelty and complexity on the universe and arise to a surprising  conclusion. All would tend to infinity in terms of complexity and relationships on December of year 2012. Well, that stills a hypothetical model. Mayan culture also believed that the end of one era of time would be on 22nd December 2012, also the time of a interesting astronomical phenomena: sun on its winter solstice passes in the sky just in front of the center of milky way galaxy, the center of our galaxy. Some people speak about a wave of energy that would come from there pulling us into high orders of evolution, a never seen change. Others of a eminent pole-shift, extreme weather or other changes produced by earth increase in vibrational level (more explained soon). 


Let us say too that since individual and collective consciousness is what decides our destiny, no change dates are yet to be determined.

Live the moment by now!


Ok, stills a hypothetical model and therefore we should concentrate ourselves on living the present moment. Truth will come and set each us free and unify us all. (...)




Multiple dimensions of awareness

Dimensions are different realms where consciousness has different levels of awareness.

Humans live 3rd dimensional reality. We have awareness of length, breath and height.

We have also partial awareness of fourth dimension, time. Third is opposed to 2D of animals and plants. These are only aware of two or three spatial dimensions. 1D would be the awareness of only a point (example of atoms and molecules). But dimensions are not only physical. They correspond to different degrees of spiritual understanding. Humans are self-aware. Animals are not. As humans evolve higher illusion of time would disappear. We would have total awareness of time (past, present and future) while in 4D. This is the so-called astral plane.

As dimensions grow higher less physicality and more spiritually takes place. Unification takes also place. More is not important for now but people speculate an overall eight-dimensional universe.

Some have done astral travelling (one of those paranormal phenomena). Others even claim to even have channeled information from eventual higher dimensional beings!


Channeled material

If channeled is true or just an invention I do not know. But there are many websites on this. Just do a search on channeling! Some seem very complex and intelligently constructed. If they were a fake it would be an intelligent one. Check Ra, Seth, Pleidians, Cassiopaea ones. They all speak about 2012 event, they all mention the extreme importance of spiritual evolution and they all mention humanity has allow itself to be controlled by other ‘mean’ higher dimensional beings.

Whether is truth or not just read it and you will certainly see useful knowledge from there.  


Initially, do not describe it without having a nice analysis. Some works as a marvelous philosophy of living! Others is a object of real thought research.


Society as a control system

Learn to think by yourself

Whether we have controlled by other dimensional beings I do not know too. But the fact is that humanity lost too much of its moral and spiritual values in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Religion has seemed to be a major controlling system. Nowadays politics is another and the media. (Stopping watching all TV, all negative influence, would be a good idea!)

People should be encouraged to think by themselves. It would advisable to change a lot on the way we percept things and reconsidering our roles on society.


Our lives scripted by higher dimensional levels

Channeled materials also claim that our lives are scripted by our higher dimensional representatives, our higher selves (our souls). This I would believe more. At least we see evidence of it on our lives, certain intuitive decisions, certain deja-vu, certain coincidences.

“You can create your own reality". Yes it would be truth but to a small acknowledged level. Limitation of time would be a bigger one. Our triviality another one.


Answering our questions

What is life purpose? To experience, remember and learn and finally apply this knowledge while creating a blissful life where love is the central player.

What is consciousness? It is part of an all whole interconnected and interrelated which manifest itself (either we are conscious or not) on several degrees of awareness (dimensions) from atomic world to animals, plants, humans and much more ‘above’.

Does God exist? Divinity would be this all perfect game where consciousness experience, learns and creates. Since all is connected on the more sublime term this all is divinity itself and so we are part of it. A single god does not make any sense here.


Tools for spiritual evolution

Several tools would be indicated.

Learning of concepts is important. Read and surf the web (Be aware of misleading information). Have conversations with your friends and family.

Even, just stop and contemplate the following. Contemplate society. Contemplate yourself. Contemplate the life of you, all others, all animals. Contemplate now all this together. Contemplate what has been happening until now on your life. And 

remember the three questions I discuss before (all is for experience, learn and create). Now contemplate again your whole life.

You see? It is easy to live and understand life.


More tools: meditation and dream analysis.

And almost everything can be use if well acknowledged and applied. Be it music, art, sex or relationships.

Entheogens is another example. Some plant/ fungi substances provide after ingestion mystical experiences and enhance our awareness. This brings us important spiritual understandings.

Ultimately relationships are the biggest tools of learning and experience.


And do not forget, in love we have the key to solutions. The key to a better future for us and for all.  

Be aware of yourself, be aware of actual state of society and change it for better beginning now!


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After having read most material from the links and books mentioned above, I have reorganized the ways to learn spirituality.

Several methods can be used and studied in order to get information and to evolve (eventually to other dimensions).

We assume spiritual realm is rooted on the unconscious world.

Diverse people and cultures have tried different methods or, shall we call them, ways.


We can point channeling, shamanism, analysis through dreaming and astral project, meditation and yoga. All involve accessing the unconscious.

Channeling involves getting into a trance state to channel information from higher intelligence from other realms.

Shamanism involve quite similar stuff, getting into trance to access other realms.

Dreaming is also a natural process we access other worlds on a daily basis. We might try to be lucid and control this process.

Astral project is similar too: one tried to fall asleep while mind awaked and fall into another dreamy realm.

Meditation and Yoga also help calming the mind, rising internal divine energies and eventually falling into those other realms.


Another tool often used for spiritual purposes of evolution is astrology (specifically esoteric astrology).

Buddhism is a philosophy of spiritual advance which involves almost all this ways plus moral philosophy.

We will discuss all these ways. Putting them on a ladder, to see each sees a specific thing that the other is not aware.


1.1) The Unconsciousness (Channeled material, Spiritual knowledge on aliens, ascension in 2012, STS/ STO)

Universe and intelligence are organized in seven densities of different consciousness/ awareness. In 2012 we will ascend and polarize either to STS or STO

STS and STO are different forms of love. STO express compassion and group/ union spirit. You seek union. Ego dissolution

Higher  forms exist besides our own, we may attract them or not. Ultimately, all intelligence is unified (higher dimensions) We can be aware of some creative power.

Predicting future and telepathy are only fully functional on forth dimension (above ours)

Channeled intelligence confirms astrology knowledge as a way of seeing further away/ it also confirms Mayan knowledge.

Quest for acting, deciding whether STS or STO, ascending, learning, loving...)


1.2) Conversations with God books (also a kind of channeled material)

There are other dimensions not physical besides our own. Filled with intelligence (all kinds). Soon we may possibly ascend (3D is mentioned!)

The best choice: reflects love. Your ego will be also dissolved (soul is more important). Unite in groups (you seek union).

We have all creative/ manifestation power with us (we create all walking reality events). ( 2012 and STS/ STO would be then our "creation"?).

Predicting future and telepathy are said to be possible too.

Nothing about astrology is mentioned here.

Quest for experiencing, acting, deciding, remembering, evolving, loving, ascending.


2) The Unconsciousness (Shamanism and Entheogens, The Maya culture, knowledge about 2012)

There are other dimensions not physical besides our own. Filled with intelligence (all kinds). In 2012 we will possibly ascend

Have love and compassion (all entheogens tell you that). Ego is for dissolution (entheogen effect)! You seek also for union.

Clearly we create (or attract) other intelligent forms and events in walking reality or elsewhere.

Clearly predicting future or telepathy exist.

Mayan culture designed a complex calendar based on a weird type of astrology.

Shamanism: quest for unconscious Entheogens: quest for loving, remembering/ learning, experiencing, later we might act/ evolve)


3) The Unconsciousness (Multiverse, Astral Travel, Dreams...)

There are other dimensions not physical besides our own. Filled with intelligence (all kinds) . At least we ascend in dreams/ astral travel!

Nothing about compassion. But you should be moral while in astral travel. Ego is also quite dissolved (but individual quests?).

It seems we create (or attract) those intelligent forms. Dreams also point to our possibility to manifest events in walking reality or attract people/ situations

Although not clearly, there is some capability to predict the future and for telepathy.

Nothing about astrology here.

Individual quest for unconscious.


In all the above we may see the manipulating ability from negative entities. In the first two, we have evidence that humanity has been enslaved (by option!) by negative entities (1.2 refers to it in a slight different, more social context, but in the end it's the same thing). The below ones, do not point to anything of this.


4) Development, Buddhism

Buddhism has mapped the realms of unconsciousness. Dimensions filled with intelligence (all kinds) 

They see compassion as a high value. Ego as something to dissolve. But the quest is individual. although you would have to help other later.

Creative power is due to karma and your choices. 

Not too much is said about predicting future, telepathy, except they could occur during illumination.

Buddhist societies have developed some knowledge on astrology too.

Individual quest for ascending, loving


5) Astrology (includes Esoteric Astrology)

There is influence from higher spheres. Higher intelligence exists accordingly to esoteric astrology. Ascension exists at a both global and individual level (programmed).

But not too much on the unconscious is said except the existence of soul world and purpose for esoteric astrology!!

Astrology only purports an individual path of following lessons of evolution. Morality included. Esoteric astrology speaks of further helping others quest.

Astrology does not says much about creative power (maybe due to their apparent highly deterministic philosophy). STS/ STO are also weird concepts to astrology. 2012 would be a more complex variable not yet studied in astrology (quite galactic and of hyper dimensional astrology)

Predicting future is of course possible. Astrology only points to more capability in tuning to these capabilities

Individual quest for evolving


6) Common society/ people (Love, Science, Community and Persons!)

Usually science does not recognize other non physical dimensions (except some advance physics). 

Society is morally drunk. Yet, some people value compassion. Love is also impulse. Society is ego-based. Hopefully, we will turn into more service to others.

Creative power? Blind awareness (governments use the lack of people initiative)

Telepathy: myth. Ability to predict future? Only for science; blind awareness!

Astrology is seen as ridiculous. We do not even need to mention all the other previous methods of understanding the universe!

Quest? What quest?



What I advice you, is to read channeled material (1.1 and 1.2) since it is the possible one more accurate (higher sources).

However, since something could be fooling you, you might experience shamanism, dreams and astral practices and see if the channeled material corresponds to the same. Remember too that Buddhism is one movement very studied and therefore quite close to truth. You may use this knowledge too. Astrology (esoteric) might be useful to evolve in terms of knowing your social step of understanding but not drawn into the self closed process. The same applies for all the rest. 

Help society at last. They are the less fortunate (eventually, soon many will be walking together... these will be the seeds of a new future). 


Still constructing...






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